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About Us

Brand Name, For Less

Our mission at Costless Warehouse is to offer you a vast variety of high-quality products at the best prices. We work directly with manufacturers to offer you an assortment of thousands of items, from which you could find that perfect piece of furniture for your home.

People, Product, Places

Here at Costless Warehouse, we put people first. Whether it is our customers or our team members, we believe that when people are empowered to do their best or make the right choices then everybody wins. 

We pride ourselves in the products we sell and the services we offer. If you aren't satisfied, then let us know and we will handle your concerns. 

And finally, our team members can best deliver exceptional products and services to our customers when our showroom locations are close to our customers. As we grow and expand the number of showrooms and warehouses, we will better deliver on our mission for more people in more places.

Our Story

Costless Warehouse started from a single store and a small group of people determined to succeed in bring great quality items at affordable prices. Today, we are serving the Seattle area with three large showrooms. We are also gearing up to expand to other locations in Washington state to enable more of our customers to come and checkout our great products.